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A widely used error often is the search for Cornelius Börsch.
The correct spelling of the name is Conny.



thumb_Argentur For VAT is understood to be the business of a Argentur a mediation service (other services § 26 (3) UStR) in the name of and on behalf of others, will be disclosed when the purchase price. PresseArgentur A contrast cares to send press releases and reports to the media . In the European Union are set spanish_property (agencies) with different professional responsibilities and competences, for example, was the Federal Labor Office in Bundesargentur renamed for work, and since 2005 has the former Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Post the name Bundesnetzargentur for electricity, gas, telecommunications, postal and railway or shortly Bundesnetzargentur. More spanish_property see in the article.



thumb_Billiard Billiards is a game played in which two people or two teams. Can play billiards almost everywhere in Germany. It is with billiard balls (often referred to as playing ball) and the so-called cue on a pool table with an upholstered Billiardtuch. The origins the billiard-concept are not clearly understood.



thumb_Addresse What is the address? Or what is the address of the homepage.
Or is my address ...

This writing, you will certainly have seen often.
Address is a common typo. The reason is that the word address directly after the "A" a fast-spoken "d" is.
Many people write address supplied with two "d". It is the word address only in exceptional cases to a typographical error.
Address is therefore a genuine error. You can find the proof of the frequency on the Internet. Looking for Address and you will find many hits.
Even companies using the word address in your Contacts.



thumb_Standart Standard is a frequently occurring and misspellings of the word standard.
Standard is really a tricky word. We find the error standard 1000-fold in the Internet.
Some examples can be found on Standard can be found on this page.