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goggle earth

goggle-earth When you start goggle Earth, then you will see a globe. You can rotate the globe with the mouse and turn. Goggle Earth is a remarkable tool with which you can explore the whole world.
First you must download and install goggle Earth. Try it, you'll see your own house in goggle Earth from above!

The crazy is that you goggle with Earth can then zoom in to any location in the world.
And while you will see satellite images. The images in goggle Earth are so accurate that one can even see cars and people.

In goggle Earth is also a built-in search function. You can search for cities, buildings and much more. You have the option to mark each place in the world and the markings, you can exchange information with other users of goggle Earth.

goggle Earth has existed since around 2005 and is one of the greatest developments in the Internet age.
Previously, such a program was unthinkable. The download of goggle Earth takes only about 1 minutes (depending on connection) even longer.

goggle Earth is a misspelling of google Earth.